Peter and Donna Thomas have been making fine press and artist's books for over 40 years. When they started, as craftspeople at Renaissance Faires, they fell in love with the graceful beauty of "gypsy wagon" caravans other vendors had made to sleep in or use as booths to sell their wares from. In 2009 they built their own tiny home "caravan", designed after a typical 1900s Redding style of English Gypsy Wagon. This blog documents their trips around the country to sell their books, teach book arts workshops, and talk about making books as art; and to seek out and find beauty in the landscape of the USA.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Book Arts are Big in Iowa

We found a giant calligraphy pen at a rest stop on highway 80 near Iowa City. Clearly the book arts are big around here.

In Iowa City we delivered Peter’s collection of books and ephemera related to the subject of hand papermaking to the University Library.

The University of Iowa has just added a graduate degree in the book arts, and we hope our collection, which includes many unique books on the subject of papermaking, will provide valuable research material for Iowa's Book Arts students interested in the history of the modern revival of hand papermaking.

A sample from the collection. A page from the book, Rapid: A Private Paper Mill, by Roger Daniels (Melbourne Australia: 1963). 5-1/8” x 7-3/4 Pages: 51. Number 5 of 15 copies. Daniels wrote the text, made the paper, printed and bound the book.


Donna Theresa said...

So did you sing "on the road again" as you pulled out of your driveway?

Wow, it's a good thing this stop was toward the beginning of your trip. The collection you are giving the university must have taken up a lot of room in your cozy quarters.

Kay Oldham said...

I wish i could travel with you guys you see and do so many amazing things around USA maybe ill bump in to you when i head on over there in 2013/14 when i have saved up enough money.
Travel safe.